Himalayan Art Resources

Teacher: Shamarpa (Sculpture & Iconography)

Shamarpa Art History

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Sculpture & Iconography Topics
- Shamarpa Hats Outline
- Karma Kagyu Hats Outline
- Karmapa: Sculpture & Iconography
- Monastic Shirt (Rounded Edges)
- Monastic Shirt (Square Edges)
- Monastic Appearance
- Confusions: Karmapa, Gyaltsab, Tai Situ
- Others...

Three Methods of Identification:
- Identification by inscription
- Identification by facial appearance & hand gestures
- Identification by hat style

The religious hats of the Shamar Karmapas are almost identical to the hats of the Shanag Karmapas. 'Shamar' means red hat and 'shanag' means black hat. The Shamarpa hat is red in colour and for ornamentation typically has either three or four jewels adorning the front. The sides of the hat are decorated with clouds which billow to the front and trail to the back of the hat. The finial on the peak of the hat is gold and adorned with a red ruby.

Jeff Watt [updated 2-2020]