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'Art Depicted in Art' collects together all, or as many as found, of the paintings that depict 'art objects' in the composition of a painting. Sometimes the process of 'tangka' painting is highlighted in a narrative vignette, or a sculptural object arranged on a shrine, or sculpture in a small temple. This page is about two-dimensional and three dimensional art represented and depicted in paintings. Sometimes it is difficult to find the vignette, or visual scene, where the art object is depicted. Look carefully and the art within the art will be found, or read the description for each piece and the 'art within art' will be pointed out if not already found.

The oldest painting so far is a mural depicting a painting found in the Par Cave in far West Tibet. The painting of the 16th Karmapa, HAR 858, is 'painting following photography'. The painting was done from a black and white photograph. The painting of the 13th Karmapa is 'painting following sculpture'. The image at the top center of the composition, HAR 783, is a depiction of a famous metal cast sculpture by the 10th Karmapa, Choying Dorje.

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