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Sometimes a deity or god figure will be considered worldly by the majority followers of a faith while a small minority for various reasons will consider it otherwise or purposely elevate a deity to a higher standing such as from a worldly deity to a wisdom deity. An example of this is Dragyab Monastery in the Chamdo region of Tibet. They have elevated their special protector Dorje Setrab from worldly to wisdom (enlightened) status. The same has been done by certain followers of the Gelug Tradition with reference to the deity Dorje Shugden.

In the Sakya Tradition a popular member of the classification of witches known as Bamo by the name of Mamo Rigkyi is also claimed to be in fact an emanation of Panjarnata Mahakala. Pehar is sometimes referred to as a Wisdom Deity as well.

In verse literature, prayers and praises offered to the worldly deities and gods - just as to the wisdom deities - are commonly lavished with hyperbole as if they were true wisdom (enlightened) deities. This Tibetan literary style and form of praise has contributed to causing confusion in deity classification.

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