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A gallery of miscellaneous images from various sets of the Twelve Dzogchen Buddhas of the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Dorje Lingpa (1346-1405) writes about the Twelve Buddhas as have other Tertons over the centuries. Depictions of the twelve appear to be primarily from the Revealed Treasure text called the Three Inner Cycles of Peaceful Deities discovered by Choggyur Lingpa. Only four or five of the Buddhas in the group of twelve have Buddha Appearance. The remaining eight or so Buddhas have Peaceful, Semi-peaceful/wrathful and Wrathful Appearance. The specific appearance of each of the twelve Buddhas is not consistent between the miscellaneous paintings and the initiation card set (linked below).

Twelve Buddhas (rdzogs chen ston pa bcu gnyis):

1. Kye'u Nangwa Dampa Dorje Sempa (ston pa khye'u snang ba dam pa rdo rje sems dpa') during countless eons of lifetimes in Tushita, overcame miraculous birth.

2. Kye'u Midrugpa (ston pa khye'u mi 'khrugs pa) [example 2] at the time of millions of life spans, overcame egg birth.

3. Jigpa Kyob (ston pa 'jigs pa skyob) [example 2] during 100,000 year life span, overcame heat & moisture Birth.

4. Shonnu Rolpa Nampar Tsewa (ston pa gzhon nu rol pa rnam par brtse ba) at the time of 80,000 year life span, overcame womb birth.

5. Vajradhara (ston pa rdo rje 'chang) 70,000 year life span in Tushita.

6. Shonnu Pawo Tobden (ston pa gzhon nu dpa' bo stobs ldan) [example 2, example 3]

7. Drangsong Tropa'i Gyalpo (ston pa drang srong khros pa'i rgyal po) [example 2] 10,000 year life span.

8. Serod Dampa (ston pa gser 'od dam pa)

9. Tsewe Rolpa'i Lodro (ston pa brtse bas rol pa'i blo gros) [example 2] 1000 year life span.

10. Odsung Drepo (ston pa 'od srung bgres po) [example 2] 500 year life span.

11. Ngondzog Gyalpo (ston pa mngon rdzogs rgyal po) [example 2] 300 year life span.

12. Shakyamuni Buddha (ston pa sha kya thub pa) 100 year life span.

Compositions & Painting Sets:
- Single Composition #59670
- Set 1 (one of three paintings)
- Set 2 (one of twelve or thirteen paintings)
- Set 3, Gold (two of twelve or thirteen paintings)
- Initiation Cards (complete set)
- Single Composition Paintings: #59670, #61240

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