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Bhutan: Paro Dzongdrakha (A. Maki Archive)

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Paro Dzongdrakha (site name: Dzongdrakha; location: Paro Valley): Dzongdrakha is a cliff-side temple complex on the western side of the Paro Valley. Dzongdrakha hosts an annual tsechu (festival) that takes place the day before and the day after the larger Paro Tsechu held at Rinpung Dzong near the main town. During the festival at Dzongdrakha, one of the main blessings takes place when the chorten (stupa) of the past Buddha is opened so that attendees are blessed by the relic held within. Four shrines make up the complex, dedicated to Drolma (Tara), Tsheringma (Goddess of Longevity), Guru Rinpoche and the Buddha of the Future, Maitreya. Local oral tradition states that when Guru Rinpoche first came to Bhutan, he came from Nepal, first landing at Drakarpo, and then Dzongdrakha before arriving at Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) farther north up the valley.

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