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Subject: Inscriptions, Backs of Paintings

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There are several categories of inscriptions that can appear on the back of a painting. In order of occurrence there are three standard elements included and two elements relating to the subject of the painting and the wishes of the donor:

1. Three Syllables: OM, AH, HUM (standard)
2. Auspicious Mantras (standard)
3. Auspicious Verses (standard)
4. Miscellaneous Extra Verses (donor added)
5. Dedicatory Verses (donor added)

Examples of Standard Dharani and Verses:

- om, ah, hum, hrih, tram

- om bhrum svaha

- Om sarva vidya svaha

- Om vajra ayushe svaha

- Om supra tishtha vajraya [vajraye] svaha

- Sarva mangalam
Ye Dharma Formula:
- Om ye dharma hetu prabhava hetum tesham tathagato hyavadat tesham cha yo nirodha evam vadi maha shramana svaha

Translation: "All phenomena arise from causes;
Those causes have been taught by the Tathagata,
And their cessation too has been proclaimed by the Great Shramana." (Rigpa Shedra translation).
Patience Verse:
"Patience for hardships is noble patience, [Leading to] supreme liberation, the Buddha has said.
With respect to others, Monks should do no harm or cause distress."

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