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Subject: Monks as Deities & Retinue Figures (Battle Monks & Protectors)

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Monks as Deities Explanation (below)
- Powari
- Dragpa Sengge
- Dorje Shugden: Tanag, Sengshon, Seated on a Throne
- Karma Tansrung
- Confusions
- Controversies
- Others...

Appearing as a Retinue Figure Only:
- Hayagriva, Black, Riding a Tiger (Retinue Figure)
- Panjarnata Mahakala (Retinue Figure)
- Pehar (Retinue Figure)
- Others...

Buddhist monks depicted as protector deities, both peaceful and wrathful, is not uncommon. Below are some depiction of the more commonly found forms. In some case the monk figure is depicted on its own or as the central figure. With many principal protector deities such as Mahakala and Pehar Gyalpo the monk figures are part of the retinue deity circles.

The Sixteen Elders (Arhats) can appear engaged in a variety of unusual means of travel according to the story of their visit to the emperor of China. In some of the examples the Elders could possibly be mistaken for some type of deity subject.

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