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Each of the paintings below has - somewhere in the composition - a group of mountains crowded close together. These mountains are in most cases each appearing in a different colour. The mountains can be located in a Buddhist pureland, a heavenly realm, human, ghost or hell realm. Sometimes they can be depicted as islands in the middle of a lake or sea.

In the heavens the mountains are described as made of gold, silver, ruby, sapphire, red coral, turquoise and other precious gems. For the human realms the mountains are described as places where great wealth can be found where gold,jewels and other precious objects are strewn around in abundance. For the ghost realms the mountains are barren, dusty and windswept. In the hell realms the mountains are made of molten copper metal or cold iron and used as implements of torture. They are also sharp and broken with edges that stick into the body.

Jeff Watt 8-2013