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Subject: Sacred Geography, Mountains & Pilgrimage Sites

Sacred Geography Page

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description
- Four Sacred Mountains of China
- Four Sacred Mountains of Tibet
- Bon Sacred Mountains
- Sumeru, Mountain
- Coloured Mountains
- Copper Coloured Mountain
- Types of Sacred Geography
- Geomancy Main Page
- Cityscapes, Monasteries & Pilgrimage Sites
- Mountain Gods & Local Deities
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

- Sacred Geography: Part 1
- Shambhala Pureland
- Wutaishan Mountain
- Tibetan Sacred Landscape (Dr. Charles Ramble)

List of Mountains:
- Amnye Machen Mountain, Amdo
- Bonri Mountain, U-Tsang
- Chingkarwa Mountain, Reting, U-Tsang
- Jiuhua Shan Mountain (Kshitagarbha), Anhui Province, China
- Kailash Mountain, Ngari
- Olmo Lungring, Tazig
- Omei Shan Mountain (Samantabhadra), Sìchuan Province, China
- Potalaka, Puto Shan Mountain (Lokeshvara), Zhèjiang Province, China
- Shangpa Karpo, U-Tsang,
- Tsari Mountain, Tibet
- Wutaishan Mountain (Manjushri), Shanxi Province, China
- Wutaishan Mountain (Manjushri, Tangut Period), Gansu Province, China

In painting some sacred mountains are depicted as stupas while at the same time they can be described in literature as the mandala of a deity such as Chakrasamvara or Vajrayogini.

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