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Painting Style: Palpung Monastery (following Karma Gadri Style for Lineage Painting Sets)

Palpung (Karma Gar-ri Style) | Palpung Painting Style

Subjects, Topics & Sets:
- Palpung Monastery Following Karma Gar-ri Explanation (below)
- Palpung Painting Style
- Situ Panchen Painting Commissions
- Karma Gar-ri Style
- Terminology & Classification of Style Names
- Yongle Style Painting
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

Karma Gar-ri Style Painting Sets:
- Karma Kagyu Sertreng Lineage
- Karma Kagyu Sertreng Lineage, Palpung 1
- Karma Kagyu Sertreng Lineage, Palpung 2
- Karma Kagyu Sertreng Lineage, (Palpung 3, Nenang Pawo)
- Others...

Although these compositions below are not in the unique Palpung Monastery painting style the Karma Kagyu tradition still continues the Karma Gar-ri painting style for the Mahamudra Sertreng set of Karma Kagyu lineage teachers.

Jeff Watt 5-2014 [updated 6-2017]