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Painting Set: Arhat/Sthavira (Yongle Style Miscellaneous)

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Subjects, Topis & Types:
- Yongle Sthavira Painting Style Explanation (below)
- Yongle Style Painting
- Lion Element (Yongle)
- Masterworks
- Confusions: Karma Gar-ri Style
- Others...

List of Painting Sets:
- Arhat/Sthavira (Yongle Style 1)
- Arhat/Sthavira (Palace Museum)
- Arhat/Sthavira (Yonghegong)
- Arhat Set (Tibet House)
- Arhats (Tibetan Painted Scrolls)
- Arhat Set I
- Arhat Set VIII (Brooklyn)
- Arhat Set XI
- Arhat Set XXXI
- Arhat Set XXXIII
- Others...

The Karma Gar-ri tradition of painting are best known for copying the background landscape of the Yongle style of the early 15th century and replacing the figures with the Karma Kagyu lineage teachers of the Mahamudra Golden Garland (see examples).

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