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Subjects & Topics:
- Teachers (15)
- Refuge Field, Gelug (6)
- Buddhas (12)
- Meditational Deities (24)
- Mandalas (5)
- Protector Deities (5)
- Controversial Paintings (2)

Of the sixty-seven paintings in the Jongen-Schleiper collection many of the compositions are interesting for a great number of reasons be it art historical or iconographic. Nearly thirty of the compositions belong to sets of paintings. Approximately thirty-nine of the compositions are solitary paintings not belonging to a painting set.

With reference to iconography the paintings can be easily divided into seven general subjects: Teachers, Refuge Fields, Buddhas, Meditational Deities, Mandalas, Protector Deities, and Controversial Paintings.

The paintings all appear to be dated from circa 1700 at the earliest to the 20th century. They span many different painting styles, predominantly Central Tibet and East Tibet, both Amdo and Kham. There are examples of New Menri style, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery style, Kham Men-sar style, Palpung Monastery style, Lhatog Khampa Gar style, and other styles from Amdo. A few of the compositions are from areas that border on the Mongolian regions of the north-east. (See the Bonhams website).

Jeff Watt 2-2017

"Jeannette Jongen and Eric Schleiper married in 1968, sharing an interest in the arts, underlined by the Schleiper family business of picture frames, having framed masterpieces for generations. Following in the footsteps of Jeannette’s father, who was somewhat of an explorer and mountaineer climbing in Peru and the Himalayas - in 1974 Jeannette and Eric travelled to Nepal for several months. During this trip they became passionate about Buddhist art leading to their extensive collection of Chinese and Tibetan bronze figures, which were sold at Bonhams London on 12 November 2015, and the impressive collection of mostly Tibetan thangkas, which are offered at Bonhams London on 11 May 2017, included in a special catalogue devoted to their collection."

"Many of the thangkas were displayed in the family gallery in Brussels during the exhibition in 1978 and a large number of them were included in the important reference work by Armand Neven Etudes D’Art LamaÏque et De L’Himalaya, Brussels, 1978; with a further selection published by M. Brauen, ed., The Dalai Lamas: A Visual History, Zürich, 2005." (Bonhams).

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