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Buddhist Deity: Vajrayogini, Khechara (Naropa Tradition, Kagyu)

Vajrayogini, Khechara (Naropa Tradition, Kagyu) | Vajrayogini Main Page

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There are two principal types of the deity called Naropa tradition Vajrayogini. They are distinguished by the type of long necklace they wear.

Vajrayogini is generally characterised by the shape of the body and the upward turned face drinking from the upraised skullcup. The two legs are both planted on the ground. The Sakya tradition adorns Yogini with a necklace of fifty dry skulls. The Kagyu version of Yogini, mostly seen in Drugpa Kagyu art, decorates her with a necklace of fifty freshly severed heads.

Jeff Watt 8-2017