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Collection of Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art (RMA 2019)

Zhiguan at the RMA 2019-20 | Zhiguan Museum on HAR

Treasures from the Zhiguan Museum of Art

On view March 9, 2019 through May 2020

"The Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art is a newly established private museum in Beijing. It houses one of the most important private assembled collections of Himalyan art in China. The Palace Museum, the country's most prominent venue, recently displayed the collection. This installation marks the first time a selection of its holdings are on display internationally.

From the outset of his collecting, the founder of the Zhiguan Museum planned to establish a museum devoted to Tibetan Buddhist art. He therefore pursued an expansive collecting strategy, seeking both representative works and objects of historical significance from across the tradition. Significantly and unusually for a Chinese collector, he recognized Tibetan art as part of a larger Himalayan cultural context and saw the importance of early Indian, Kashmiri, and Nepalese art within its development. The collection thus emphasizes early sculpture from these Indic regions.

This focused selection of seven objects reflects the depth of quality and breadth of the Zhiguan Museum's holdings, with highlights from northeastern India, Kashmir, Tibet, and China ranging from the eleventh to the eighteenth century." (Rubin Museum of Art).

Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art, Beijing, China
Jeff Watt, Director & Chief Curator

Himalayan Regions:
- India: #8083
- Swat: #10005(?)
- Kashmir: #20382
- Tibet, China: #2431, #10005(?)
- Beijing Region, China: #8086, #8084, #12956

Jeff Watt 12-2018 [updated 3-2019]