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"The Zhiguan Museum of Fine Art is located in what was previously the Xian-Liang Temple, Beijing, China. It covers an area of approximately 4,000 square meters. The museum is a professional institution specializing in Tibetan and Himalayan art, collection and research. The museum is further dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Tibetan fine art and to strengthen the Chinese community of similar museums, collectors and educators while including and building bridges to the greater world community of Tibetan and Himalayan art museums and scholars." (Zhiguan Museum mission statement).

Exhibitions: Zhiguan Museum, Palace Museum (2018), Rubin Museum, NY (2019-2020)

The strength of the collection is in sculptural figures from the Gandhara period through Gupta, Pala, Swat, Kashmir, Nepal, Tibet and Northern China. The museum continues to acquire new objects and is currently focused on strengthening the painting and textile portion of the collection. See an article from the Zhiguan Museum's first publication: Introduction to Art. 止观美术馆与喜马拉雅艺术

Jeff Watt 11-2018

(The images below are only a selection of the Zhiguan collection).