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Mahakala: Panjarnata (Forms & Types)

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- W/o Katvanga Staff (Ngog Tradition): 4805, 40551, 77064
- W/ Katvanga Staff: Solitary
- W/ Katvanga & Consort: 40550
- Tundikhel Mahakala
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Video: A Powerful Painting of Mahakala

It is not immediately clear from which text the Arya Tradition Mahakala originates. Most likely it is a product of the 50 Chapter Mahakala Tantra where a one face, two arm, form of the deity is taught.

The form of Mahakala of the Arya Nagarjuna tradition has very distinct characteristics such as the straight legs as opposed to the squatting position of the standard Panjarnata figure. There is no 'ghandi' staff in a horizontal position across the forearms. Sometimes there is a katvanga staff held vertically and resting against the left shoulder. The two hands hold a curved knife and skullcup. He stands atop a prone figure. (See The Life Story of Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drag by Lobpon Sonam Tsemo for the founding of the 'Tibetan Field' now known as Tundikhel, Kathmandu, Nepal).

Jeff Watt 3-2019 [updated 12-2023]

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