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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Late Period Sculpture Description
- Masterworks (Persons)
- Inscribed Works
- Central Tibet
- Densatil Sculpture Style
- Tashi Lhunpo Sculpture Styles (Tashi Lima)
- Sho Village Sculpture Styles (Lhasa)
- Karma Garlug Sculpture Style
- Choying Dorje & Atelier Sculpture Style
- Kangxi Period Style
- Qianlong Period Style
- Mongolia (general)
- Mongolia (Zanabazar School Style, others)
- Dolonnor Style, Inner Mongolia
- Monastic Appearance
- Monastic Shirt Square Edges
- Portrait Sculpture Main Page
- Sculpture & Painting Comparison
- Confusions: Qianlong Revival, Dali Copies, Choying Dorje Atelier
- Others...

Later period figures are from the 17th century to the present along with some overlap from the 16th century. This period is dominated by regional ateliers with distinctive aesthetic taste along with manufacture and presentation. Very recognizable styles of the time are the Zanabazar, Kangxi, Qianlong and Dolonnor styles.

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