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Kalachakra and the consort Vishvamata are the principal deities originating in the Sanskrit text - Kalachakra Tantra. The text and meditational practices belong to the classification of Non-dual Anuttarayoga Tantra practiced to a greater or lesser degree by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The concept of 'time' is used as the special metaphor to symbolize the process of transformation from mundane existence to complete enlightenment. From among the numerous lineages to enter Tibet the Rwa and Dro are the most famous.

Rwa Lineage: Buddha Shakyamuni-Kalachakra, the Shambala King Suchandra, a line of Eight Shambhala Kings ending with Manjukirti and Pundarika, a Manjushri emanation, Chilu Pandita, Pindo Acharya, Kalachakrapada the younger (Naropa), Manjukirti, Samantashri, Rwa Chorab, Rwa Yeshe Sengge, etc.

Kalachakra Lineage, Mahamandala, Abhisheka and Commentary of Vimalaprabha, together with its Branches: Vajradhara, Vajragarbha, Vajra Dakini, Vajracharya Chilupa, Kalachakra the Greater, Kalachakra the Lesser, Anusama Rakshita, Sadhuputra, Dharmakara, Dharmamitra, Bikshata Deva, Panchen Shakyashri, Sakya Pandita, Lama Chokyi Gyalpo, [etc.].

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