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Iconography: Deities According to Function (Buddhist Traditional)

Buddhist Iconography

Deities According to Function:
(1) Buddha (Main Page, Outline page)
(2) Meditational Deity: (Main Page)
(3) Long-life (Main Page, Outline Page)
(4) Wisdom Producing (Main Page, Outline Page)
(5) Power (Main Page, Outline Page)
(6) Miscellaneous (Main Page)
(7) Protector: (Main Page, Outline)
(8) Protector, Worldly: (Main Page, Outline)
(9) Wealth Deity (Main Page, Outline Page)
(10) Purification (Main Page, Outline Page)

Additional Functions:
- Cleansing
- Divination
- Healing
- Messenger
- Liberation (Release)
- Weather Effecting
- Deities with Infant Children
- Others...

Four Activities:
- Peaceful
- Increasing
- Powerful
- Wrathful

Jeff Watt [updated 5-2017]

(The images below are only a selection of examples from the links above).