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Wealth Deities:
- Ganapati
- Hvashang
- Jambhala
- Lakshmi
- Padmasambhava as Vaishravana & Other Figures
- Panjara Mahakala, Sita
- Ratnasambhava Buddha
- Shadbhuja Mahakala, Sita
- Shmashana Adhipati
- Shugden, Dorje
- Vaishravana
- Vasudhara
- Yugu Chesum
- Others...

The principal Wealth Deities of Tantric Buddhism are Jambhala, Vasudhara and Vaishravana. Within specific tantric systems then the main deity might have a special wealth form, a power form, a long-life form and even a protector form. A number of Mahakalas also have variations that are used specifically for wealth. The Buddha Ratnasambhava is related to qualities, abundance and wealth. The Buddhist versions of Ganapati and Lakshmi are employed as wealth deities with the Ganapati having many different forms and lineage traditions. The Lakshmi is less well known and has only one or possibly two iconographic forms. Shmashana Adhipati is employed as a general protector of wealth in the Chakrasamvara cycle of Tantras. When used in conjunction with the practice of Vajrayogini then the Adhipati is a protector deity.

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