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Subject: Healing Deities

Health, Healing & Longevity Page

List of Deities:
- Bhurkumkuta (non-contagious disease)
- Garuda (naga disease)
- Manjushri, Black (obscure illness)
- Manju Nagaraksha
- Medicine Buddha (general sickness)
- Nageshvara Buddha (naga disease)
- Padma Shavari (Dragtro)
- Parnashavari (contagious disease)
- Simhanada Lokeshvara (naga disease)
- Three Combined Wrathful Ones (astrological sickness)
- Others...

Video: Healing Deities

Glossary List:
- Health, Healing & Longevity Deities
- Tibetan Medicine Glossary

Specific healing deities are a small category of tantric figures. There are many other deities that are not considered healing deities that may have a minor function in purification and healing such as Hayagriva which can be helpful for blood disorders. Simhamukha, Vajrapani, Achala and others can also be used for a number of different illnesses.

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