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Yellow Deities in Tibetan Buddhism - Male:
- Ganapati (yellow form for removing obstacles)
- Jambhala (yellow form, wealth)
- Maitreya (wisdom)
- Manjushri (yellow form, wisdom)
- Ratnasambhava Buddha (wealth)
- Shakyamuni Buddha (golden-yellow in colour)
- Vaishravana wealth and protection)
- Vajrasattva (yellow form, purification)
- Zhangzhung Meri
- Others...

The images below are only a selection of the main groups of figures that are depicted in a yellow colour. Some of the deities listed are generally depicted in a yellow colour while others might have a different main colour that they are more commonly known for. many of the principal deities of Tantric Buddhism have many different forms and different colours.

In Tantric literature and the Four Activities the colour yellow is associated with 'Increasing', especially wealth, knowledge and wisdom. A few of these deities are also associated with removing obstacles such as Marichi, or preventing sickness such as Parnashavari.

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(The images below are only a selection of examples from the links above).