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Subject: Deity Colours - Green (All Activities)

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Green Deities in Tibetan Buddhism - Male:
- Amoghasiddhi Buddha
- Amritakundalin
- Bhurkumkuta
- Jambhala
- Mahakala, Shadbhuja (Lord of Life)
- Vaishravana
- Vajramrita
- Vajrapani (peaceful form)
- Vajrasattva Chakrasamvara
- Vajravidarana
- Others...

In Tantric literature the colour green is believed to be the union of all four principal colours and therefore represents all four activities: peaceful, increasing, powerful and wrathful.

The two most well known deities that are green in colour are Tara and Amoghasiddhi Buddha. The colour green can also represent the Northern quadrant of a mandala.

The images below are only a selection of the main groups of figures that are depicted in a green colour. Some of the deities listed are generally depicted in a green colour while others might have a different main colour that they are more commonly known for. Many of the principal deities of Tantric Buddhism can have a number of different forms and colours depending on the purpose, activity, or tradition.

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