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Subject: Meditational Deities (ishtadevata, yi dam)

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Meditational Deity (yi dam, ishtadevata): a chosen, or personal meditational deity. These deities are generally selected from the inventory of principal meditation practices common to a particular spiritual lineage or tradition.

In Himalayan and Tibetan Buddhism examples might be for the Nyingma - Vajrakila; Sakya - Hevajra; Kagyu - Chakrasamvara; Gelugpa - Vajrabhairava and the Jonang - Kalachakra. Ishtadevata can be almost any deity that is classified as a 'wisdom deity' meaning it is an enlightened deity or an emanation of an enlightened deity, i.e. a Buddha. In the Sarma Tradition the deities chosen belong to the Four Classes of Buddhist Tantra:
(1) Kriya Tantra
(2) Charya Tantra
(3) Yoga Tantra
(4) Anuttarayoga Tantra

For the Bon religion examples of meditational deities are: Walse Ngampa and Magyu. For the various Hindu traditions deity selections might be Shaiva - Bhairava; Shakta - Durga or Kali; Vaishnava - Rama or Krishna.

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