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Parnashavari Iconography

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Video: Parnashavari & Janguli Comparison

The Parnashavari of the Mitra Yogin tradition is distinct from the other traditions of Parnashavari in several different ways. In general she has the same basic appearance with regard to colour, faces, limbs, hand attributes and ornamentation as the typical Yellow Parnashavari of the Bari Gyatsa tradition.

The first distinction is the addition of the Four Guardian Kings as retinue figures. Secondly, they are placed within the geometric context of a mandala. Thirdly, it is very likely that the Mitra tradition iconographic descriptions allow for Parnashavari to be depicted in a standing posture with the right leg slightly bent and the left leg straight.

The Bari tradition describes the posture as "...kneeling above hindrances, the right heel blocking the lower door and the sole of the left foot placed on the seat."

It is interesting to note that in the gallery below there are two Indian stone examples (HAR #8033, 202961), five Densatil style metal sculpture (19963, 24108, 32081, 59823, 59828) and one example of the Sonam Gyaltsen atelier style (88423).

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