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Buddhist Deity: Manjushri (Wrathful Appearance)

Manjushri (Iconic Forms)

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Wrathful Figures Description
- Manjushri Forms Outline
- Black Manjushri
- Nagaraksha
- Vajrabhairava
- Yama Dharmaraja
- Yamari, Rakta & Krishna
- Confusions: Yamantaka
- Others...

The majority of Manjushri forms are peaceful in appearance but there are a number of wrathful forms of the deity. The Yamari and Bhairava is the largest related group comprised of Vajrabhairava, Yama Dharmaraja, and the two Yamari deities, red and black. Black Manjushri likely derives from a Vairochana Tantra and brought to Tibet by Bari Lotsawa Rinchen Drag. The Manju Nagaraksha is 'Revealed Treasure' (terma) believed to have originated with Padmasambhava.

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