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Buddhist Protector: Yama Dharmaraja 'Outer' (Painting Masterworks)

'Outer' Yama Dharmaraja

- Painting (below)
- Sculpture

Video: Yama Dharmaraja Painting Masterworks

The masterwork painting examples of Yama Dharmaraja can be separated into three general groups based on appearance and chronology, early, middle and late period. The early examples can be characterized as stylistic with large generalized features. The middle period are based on the Khyenri and Menri painting styles with the art of Tashi Lhunpo monastery dominating in numbers of good examples below. The late period introduces new styles and combinations of popular aesthetics from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Early Period: Stylized (14/15th century)
- HAR #21950, 7750, 59684, 203983

Middle Period: Khyenri & Menri Derived (16/17/18th century).
- HAR #2158, 23206, 34850, 35117, 36423, 59686

Late Period: New & Modern Styles (19/20th century)
- HAR #32174, 74317, 89744

Jeff Watt [updated 10-2023]