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Hats - Religious Traditions

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The Kagyu tradition of Marpa and later Gampopa divided into many branches and because of this there are a number of different types of hats representing each of those branches. There are different system for identifying the various branches with the Drugpa Kagyu structure being the most well known. That structure presents the Four Major Lineages and the Eight Minor Lineages. However many of these are no longer extent and have been absorbed over time into the four remaining Kagyu branches which are the Drugpa, Drigung, Taglung and Karma Kagyu traditions. Doctrinally they are each aligned one with the other, however they are administered independently with no central hierarchy and one not beholden to the other.

The earliest of the Kagyu hats were the Rechungpa hat, the Gampopa hat in the fan-like style, and the cap style hat worn both by Pagmodrubpa and the early Karmapas. The pandita style of hat originating in India is available to all Kagyu monastic scholars and abbots. The fan-like style hat in general is likely originating from the Gampopa hat, lacking any other early sources for that shape of hat. The cap style hat is likely a borrowing from the Mongolian and Chinese court ministers hat. The cap style hat, in a number of different variations, is continued in several of the branch schools.

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