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Subject: Hats (Religious Traditions)

Hats of the Himalayas

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- Religious Hat Outline Page
- Nyingma Hats
- Sakya Hats
- Kagyu Hats
- Karma Kagyu Hats
- Jonang, Bodong, Bulug & Shangpa Hats
- Gelug Hats
- Bon Religious Hats
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- Confusions
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Pandita Hat (monks only): Nyingma (red & pointed), Kadam (red), Sakya (red), Kagyu (red), Shangpa (red), Bulug (red, orange or yellow), Jonang (red or orange), Gelug (yellow & pointed)

Lotus Hat: Nyingma (multi-coloured, various shapes)

Fan-like Hat: Kagyu (red), Gelug (yellow)

Cap Style Hat: Karma Kagyu (black, red, orange, green speckled, white), Miscellaneous Traditions

Recognizing the hats of Tibetan teachers is the most important key to identifying the different religious traditions in paintings and identifying individual figures in art. Both a general and an intimate knowledge of hats is an essential tool in the study of Buddhist iconography.

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