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Buddhist Deity: Garuda, Black (Mitra Yogin)

Black Garuda

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Black Garuda has a bird head, wings and claw legs. The torso and arms are human-like and he holds a naga serpent with the hands and bites down with the beak. He is accompanied by eight retinue deities. This form of Garuda arises from the Siddhaikavira Tantra (see below).

Tibetan: Khyung

Jeff Watt 11-2020

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha: Siddhaikavīra Tantra (Siddhaika­vīra­tantram, dpa’ bo gcig pu grub pa zhes bya ba’i rgyud kyi rgyal po chen po)

Chapter One
Second Mantra
oṁ garuḍa haṃsa he he cala cala svāhā |

Oṁ, garuḍa! Swan! Hey, hey! Move, move! Svāhā!

The mere thought of this king of mantras will stop a hailstorm. By inscribing it on a kettle drum with chalk and chanting over the drumstick, one can then use the sound of the drum to stop a hailstorm. The same can be done with the sound of a conch, etc.