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Painting Set: Indian Adepts - Panchen Lama

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Mahasiddha Painting Set

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Three individual compositions make up this painting set which depicts Vajradhara, Nagarjunagarbha and Atisha as the three principal figures in each of the paintings. Each central figure is surrounded by 1/3rd of the group of the Eighty-four Great Adepts of India (mahasiddha) according to the textual list attributed to the Indian teacher Vajrasana (11th century). In total all eighty-four adepts are distributed between the three paintings. In the lower right corner of the Atisha painting is a Tibetan teacher, seated on a throne, wearing what appears to be a typical Panchen Lama hat, although also worn by other Gelug teachers such as Rolpai Dorje of Amdo and the Jetsun Dampa of Mongolia.

Jeff Watt 12-2005