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Five Forms:
1. Tsongkapa as a Monk Riding an Elephant: #59003, 99069
2. Seated on a throne supported by Gods & Goddesses: #59004, 99073
3. Appearing as Manjushri Riding a Lion: #59005, 99070, 69426
4. Appearing as a Mahasiddha Riding a Lion: #69407, 59006, 77237, 99072
5. Appearing as a Monk with a Pandita Hat (standard form): #59007, 99071

Five Forms Painting Sets:
Set 1 (Asian Art Museum) | Set 2 (Dalai Lama Collection) | Set 3 (Lhasa, Tibet) | Set 4 (Wisdom Calendar)

Five Forms Sculpture Sets:
Set 1 (Realm Publication)

Single Composition Five Forms:
All Paintings: #32128, #60002, #81540, #94269.

The Five forms of Tsongkapa (je zigpa ngaden) are based on the visions of Kedrub Geleg Pal Zangpo (1385-1438) after the death of his teacher, Tsongkapa. The Five Forms are either depicted in one painted composition showing all five forms of Tsongkapa or they are depicted each in their own painted composition making a set of five paintings in total. These forms are commonly seen as minor figures at the top of other compositions such as depictions of Wutaishan Mountain in China, special for Manjushri, and Gelug paintings of all types.

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