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Tibet: Lhukang Temple, Lhasa

Potala Palace

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Video: Lhukang Temple

The images in this gallery show the general shape, architecture and location of the Lhukang Temple situated in a small lake/pond behind the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. There are additional images of the ground floor external murals although difficult to view because of chicken wire added as a barrier to protect them from damage. The principal mural depicts the protector deity Dorje Shanglon in a palace setting. (The images below of the external structure and ground floor wall murals were taken in July of 2007, SRG Archive).

The small temple has three floors. Each floor has an external surrounding walkway or balcony.

Jeff Watt [updated 9-2017]

(See The Lhukang, A Hidden Temple in Tibet by Ian Baker).