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The principal protector deities of the Jonang, Bodong and Bulug traditions are basically identical with those of the Sakya tradition.

The Jonang also emphasize the Raudrantika form of Mahakala and the Panjarnata with a kila lower body. In Eastern Tibet the
figure of Vajravega, the special protector for the Kalachakra tantra practice, is commonly found in the lower portion of compositions. There are some differences in emphasis between the Jonang of Central Tibet prior to the 17th century and the later Jonang tradition of Dzamthang in Aba, Eastern Tibet.

The Bodong tradition basically followed the protector curriculum of Sakya along with adding a few local worldly deities such as Tashi Wobar.

For the Bulug tradition of Shalu monastery the Shri Devi known as Dorje Rabtenma was important along with Vaishravana Riding a Lion, and the Shalu Tseringma. Also, the Shadbhuja Mahakala originating with the Shangpa Kagyu was popular based on the number of artistic representations in Shalu related paintings.

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