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Subject: Seven Point Posture of Vairochana

Posture | Yoga Appearance

The Buddhist text known as the Sharavakabhumi discusses the proper seated posture for meditation on Calm Abiding. The Bhavanakarama text of Kamalashila is the most often quoted by Tibetan writers and scholars in expounding the Seven Point Posture of Vairochana along with the various techniques for the accomplishment of single pointed concentration - meditation.

Although it is called the Posture of Vairochana, several other Buddhas such as Amitabha have the posture as Vairochana.

Seven Point Posture of Vairochana:
1. Legs: crossed in vajra posture (or bodhisattva posture).
2. Hands: palm up, in the lap, right over left.
3. Back: erect, spine straight
4. Shoulders: straight & upright.
5. Head: slightly bent forward.
6. Tongue: touching the upper palate.
7. Eyes: slightly opened.

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