An Introduction
cover An example of each of the main subject catagories along with a written explanation.


cover Meditational and archetypal figures.


Deities: 8 Herukas
cover The 'Eight Entrustment' deities of the early 'Kama' (oral lineage) of the Nyingma School.


Deities: Lama Gongdu
cover A collection of images important to a 14th century cycle of 'terma' (revealed treasure) teachings.


Enlightened Protectors
cover Shri Devi, Ekajati and others.


Initiation Cards
cover Ritual images known as 'tsagli' used during initiations.


Lama Portraits
cover Lineage teachers and lamas.


cover The principal protector and guardian of the Nyingma School.


cover An idealized image of a pure universe: the abode of an archetypal deity.


cover The principal founder of Buddhism in Tibet, 8th century.


Padmasambhava: 8 Forms
cover The 8 forms of Padmasambhava representing important events in his life.


Padmasambhava: Meditational Deity
cover Forms of Padmasambhava as an archetypal figure for use as a meditational object.


cover Bronze sculpture: lama portraits and deities.


Worldly Protectors
cover Mountain deities and valley spirits enlisted as local protectors.