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Padmasambhava: Meditational Deity

Padmasambhava: Meditational Deity | Padmasambhava (Outer Form)

Examples of Meditational Forms:
- Meditational Deity Outline
- Terma Representations
- Dorje Drolo
Guru Dragpo (Inner form)
- Guru Dragpur
- Simhamukha (Secret Form)
- Totreng Tsal: Five Forms
- Totrengtsal
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

Padmasambhava, an historical figure from 8th century India, is also represented in Tibet as a Meditational Deity with numerous forms. All of these forms arise from a genre of religious texts known as 'terma' - Revealed Treasure texts. The deification of Padmasambhava appears to have been primarily the result of the work of Nyangral Nyima Ozer (1136-1204) and Guru Chowang (1212-1270).

Jeff Watt [updated 8-2013, 8-2018]