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Item: Padmasambhava - Totreng Tsal

པད་མ་འབྱུང་གནས། 莲花生大士
(item no. 599)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1800 - 1899
Lineages Nyingma, Sakya and Jonang (Sakya)
Size 64.77x86.36cm (25.50x34in)
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Rubin Museum of Art
Catalogue # acc.# F1997.3.8
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Appearance: Semi-Peaceful

Gender: Male

Interpretation / Description

Padmasambhava (Pema Jungne): dark blue in colour with the right hand upraised holding a gold vajra, the left placed at the heart supports a white skullcup with a katvanga staff in the bend of the elbow. Wearing a lotus hat and a tiger skin skirt, he stands in a threatening posture above a sun disc and multi-coloured lotus blossom. Retinue figures sit and stand in the foreground forming a half circle. Lineage teachers are arranged above with meditational deities to the sides and protectors below.

Immediately below the central blue form of Padmasambhava are eight seated blue figures, each with the right hand raised. These are the Eight India Vidyadharas visually deified and included in this meditation practice known as the Secret Guru Zilnon Tsal (gu ru gsang ba zil gnon rtsal).

Jeff Watt 11-2000

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