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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Yeshe Tsogyal Description
- Yeshe Tsogyal Life Story
- Padmasambhava Main Page
- Female Teachers
- Confusions: Mandarava, Machig Labdron, Niguma, Sukhasiddhi
- Others...

Iconography, Composition & Configuration:
- Padmasambhava (Three Figures)
- Twenty-five Disciples
- Lineage Paintings
- Initiation Cards
- Guruyoga
- Padmasambhava Life Story Paintings
- Others...

(Also see A Partial Genealogy of the Lifestory of Ye shes mtsho rgyal. Janet Gyatso, Harvard University. JIATS, no. 2 (August 2006), THL #T2719, 27 pp. (c)2006 by Janet Gyatso, IATS, and THL).

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