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The Bon Religion is believed to be the original ritual, belief, faith systems (plural) of Tibet and the Himalayan regions - including Zhangzhung, currently Western Tibet with Mount Kailash at the center. (See Bon Religion Outline and Art Topics Outline).

The founder of Bon was Tonpa Shenrab believed by the followers of Bon to have lived between 8,000 and 18,000 years ago and born in the Central Asian location of Tazig, Olmo Lungring, at the Yungdrung Gutseg mountain (Nine Stacked Svastika Mountain). The early literature is filled with a number of different origin myths which include the celestial gods known as the Four Transcendent Lords. Of the four gods, only Tonpa Shenrab was born and lived on earth.

The images below are selected examples representing each of the main subject categories and artistic mediums that the Bon artworks have been divided into; most are accompanied by a written explanation.

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