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Teacher: Kuyalwa Rinchern Gonpo

Taglung Kagyu

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description
- Biography
- Onpo Pal Front Inscription
- Kagyu/Kadam lineages
- Indian Style Painting in Tibet
- Confusions: Sanggye Yarjon, Tashi Lama
- Others...

Kuyalwa (Onpo) Rinchen Gonpo (1191-1236) [Tbrc p1784].

Four of the examples below depict the Kagyu/Kadam dual lineages in the upper registers.

Taglung Lineage:
1. Shakyamuni Buddha
2. Vajradhara
3. Tilopa
4. Naropa
5. Marpa Chokyi Lodro
6. Milarepa Zhepa Dorje
7. Gampopa Sonam Rinchen
8. Pagmodrubpa Dorje Gyalpo (1110-1170) p127
9. Taglung Tangpa Chenpo, Tashi Pal, 1st Abbot (1142-1209/10) p2649
10. Kuyalwa (Onpo) Rinchen Gonpo, 2nd Abbot (1191-1236) p1784
11. Sanggye Yarjon, 3rd Abbot (1203-1272) p1818
12. Tashi Lama (Mangala Guru, 1231-1297), 4th Abbot p8428
13. Others....

Jeff Watt [updated 6-2016]


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