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Taglung Tangpa Chenpo, Tashi Pel (1142-1210 [TBRC P2649]): founder of Taglung Monastery (1180), central Tibet - north of Lhasa, the head monastery for the Taglungpa sub-lineage of the Kagyu School.

All of the images below are identified as Taglung Tangpa Chenpo based primarily on two visual factors. First and foremost, the majority of the faces look the same. Many of the images were most likely one copied from another. Secondly, the lineages at the top of each composition has six figures beginning with Vajradhara, Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa and Pagmodrubpa. It is logical to assume that the next image would be Taglung Tangpa Chenpo as he follows sequentially in the lineage.

Seven of the compositions have a very similar lower register containing Aparajita, Vajravarahi and other deities.

Taglung Lineage:
1. Shakyamuni Buddha
2. Vajradhara
3. Tilopa
4. Naropa
5. Marpa Chokyi Lodro
6. Milarepa Zhepa Dorje
7. Gampopa Sonam Rinchen
8. Pagmodrubpa Dorje Gyalpo (1110-1170) p127
9. Taglung Tangpa Chenpo, Tashi Pal (1142-1209/10) p2649
10. Kuyalwa (Onpo) Rinchen Gonpo (1191-1236) p1784
11. Sanggye Yarjon (1203-1272) p1818
12. Tashi Lama (Mangala Guru, 1231-1297) p8428
13. Others....

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