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Buddhist Worldly Protector: Chingkarwa

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Genyen Chingkarwa, a Tibetan worldly protector deity (god), is in the appearance of a Drala warrior. He is white in colour with one face and two hands riding atop a white horse. His face is not wrathful but in the manner of king - slightly stern. In the right hand outstretched is a long spear and in the left a bowl of jewels held at the waist. The top of his head is wrapped in a whit cloth.

Depictions of Chingkarwa as a central figure in a composition are rare. He is however commonly depicted as a secondary figure in paintings of Lobzang Palden Yeshe, 3rd Panchen Lama (1738-1780), following the famous Nartang composition of the previous lives of the Panchen Lamas.

Chingkarwa as a secondary figure: HAR #65787, 294, 60685, 439, 58980, 71933, 74830, 79188, 94267, 30635 and others.

Jeff Watt 6-2014