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Subject: Deities Wearing Boots & Shoes

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- Boots & Shoes Description (below)
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- Sthavira/Arhat Main Page
- Begtse Chen
- Deities in Warrior Appearance (Drala)
- Tibetan Kings
- Padmasambhava
- Worldly Protector Deities (male)
- Boot Outlines on Paintings
- Boot Hats
- Masterworks
- Confusions: Foot Print Paintings
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It is commonly believed, and stated as such, that Tibetan Buddhist deities that wear boots are of Tibetan origin and not originating in India. In general this appears to be true. The main figures that wear boots are the collection of Tibetan worldly protectors - specifically the male deities and the class of Warrior (drala) deities. There are also other figures that wear boots such as Tibetan kings, teachers and the famous Padmasambhava. Arhats depicted in a Chinese style often wear boots, shoes or slippers.

Jeff Watt 2-2006 [updated 3-2019]

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