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Publication: The Sutra of Golden Light

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1. Introductory Chapter
2. Chapter on the Measure of Life of the Tathagata
3. Chapter on Confession
4. Chapter (called) Abundance of Lotuses
5. Chapter on Emptiness
6. Chapter on the Four Great Kings
7. Chapter on Sarasvati
8. Chapter on Shri
9. Chapter on the Maintenance of the Names of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
10. Chapter on Dridha
11. Chapter in Samjnaya
12. Chapter on Instruction concerning Divine Kings
13. Chapter on Susambhava
14. Chapter on Refuge of the Yakshas
15. Chapter on the Prophecy concerning the Ten Thousand Divine Sons
16. Chapter on Healing Illness
17. Chapter on Jalavahana
18. Chapter on the Tigress
19. Chapter on the Praise of all the Tathagatas

The Sutra of Golden Light, being a translation of the Suvarnabhasottamasutra by R. E. Emmerick, Professor of Iranian Philology, University of Hamburg. Published by the Pali Text Society, Oxford, 2001. (First published 1970).