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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- Outline Page
- Physical Appearance
- Hayagriva (Rinjung Lhantab)
- Peaceful
- Kneeling
- Simple Form (red or black, one face, two arms)
- Chintamani: one face, two arms, with consort
- Three faces, four arms
- Three Faces, six arms (Secret Accomplishment)
- Three Faces, eight arms
- 'Very Secret' Padma Ishvara
- Heruka: three faces, six arms with consort (Eight Heruka)
- Lama Gongdu Hayagriva
- Longchen Nyingtig
- Black Hayagriva
- Miscellaneous Forms
- Ten Wrathful Ones
- Secondary Figure
- Yantra
- Confusions: Mahakala Riding a Tiger, Rakta Yamari, Mahabala
- Others...

- Hayagriva
- Black Hayagriva

Ocean of Sadhanas
126. Hayagriva (1), Red with Three Faces and Eight Hands
127. Hayagriva (2), Red with One Face and Two Hands
128. Hayagriva (3), Red with Four Faces and Eight Hands; Five Deities
129. Hayagriva (4), Red with Four Faces and Eight Hands

Mitra Gyatsa:
13. Hayagriva 17 Deity
101. Hayagriva Padmanarteshvara 12 Deity

Rinjung Lhantab Forms of Hayagriva:
- Sahaja Hayagriva (Atisha)
- Garuda Wings Hayagriva (Atisha)
- Shvana Hayagriva with Four Attendants (Atisha)
- Hayagriva (Shakyashri Bhadra)
- 'Secret Accomplishment' Hayagriva (Kyergangpa)
- Iron Sword Black Hayagriva

Combined Deities:
- Vajrapani, Hayagriva, Garuda Combined (Lhodrag Khenchen)
- Amitayus Hayagriva Combined (Tangtong Gyalpo)
- Others...

There are only four principal forms of Hayagriva that are commonly represented in art. The four are the [1] one face, two armed form, with or without a consort, the [2] three faced, six armed form of Kyergangpa from the Shangpa tradition, the [3] Padma Ishvara principally practiced in the Sakya and Sera Monastery traditions and the [4] Black Hayagriva of the Nyingma.

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