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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description
- Tonpa Shenrab Outline Page
- Tonpa Shenrab (Four Transcendent Lords)
- Iconography Sub-sets Outline
- Nampar Gyalwa
- Tritsug Gyalwa
- Dulwa Shendrug (Six Teachers of Discipline)
- Choga Chunyi (Twelve Ritual Deities)
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

- Tonpa Shenrab (Part 1)
- Tonpa Shenrab (Part 2)

Three Principal Appearances:
- Peaceful Appearance
- Nampar Gyalwa
- Tritsug Gyalwa

Special Characteristics:
- Lotus Hat
- Yungdrung Scepter
- Yungdrung Staff
- Left hand over right
- Others...

Tonpa Shenrab is the fourth member of the important group known as the Four Transcendent Lords (Outline Page).

Tonpa Shenrab also appears in six different forms, the Six Teachers of Discipline (Outline Page), to train the various beings of the six different realms of existence.

There are twelve special forms of Tonpa Shenrab known as the Twelve Ritual Deities representing twelve important events in his life.

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