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- Deities with Scorpion Attributes
--- Dorje Drolo scorpion in the left hand.
--- Guru Dragpo scorpion in the left hand.
--- Guru Dragpur scorpion in the left hand.
--- Black Hayagriva scorpion attendant figure.
--- Begtse Chen scorpion handled sword.
--- Shri Devi (some forms) scorpion handled sword.
--- Secondary Figure with a Scorpion Head: HAR #8360, 56160
--- Deity: Initiation Cards
- Yantra
--- Prints & Wood Blocks
- Decoration & Wrathful Ornamentation
- Under Foot: HAR #569
- Cemetery Scenes
- Confusions
- Others...

Video: Scorpion Imagery

Scorpions can be found as a hand attribute for a number of different deities primarily belonging to the Nyingma tradition. A scorpion can also be included in the retinue of secondary figures for deities such as Black Hayagriva. Within the collection of secondary figures of the Bardo iconography of the Karling Shitro there is a scorpion headed female figure. Initiation card sets will include scorpion figures to reflect the hand attributes of the deities and the secondary figures.

Scorpion imagery is used in many magic practices and seen in yantra drawings or block print images. Linga effigy drawings sometimes include scorpion figures.

Wrathful deity paintings containing cemetery scenes will sometimes include scorpions and other fearsome creatures.

Jeff Watt [added 5-2021]

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