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Padmasambhava: Eight Great Students

Number Sets: Nyingma

Eight Great Students
- Description (below)
- Twenty-five Disciples
- Religious Context
- Confusions
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List of Eight Students:
- Trisong Detsen
- Namkha'i Nyingpo
- Sanggye Yeshe
- Gyalwa Chogyang
- Yeshe Tsogyal
- Palgyi Yeshe
- Lhangchen Palgyi Sengge
- Vairochana

The list of the eight students (rje 'bangs brgyad) above is only one example of several different lists of eight that can be found. The eight above are regarded as the principal students and practitioners for the Eight Pronouncement Deities. There are also different lists for the Twenty-five Disciples.

Jeff Watt 11-2021