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Subject: Eyes (Deities)

Eyes in Himalayan Art

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- Eyes on the Body (Deities)
- Chen Chig (Protector)
- Dorje Drolo
- Ekajati (Nyingma)
- Eye Cleansing Lokeshvara
- Indra (1000 eyes/pudendum)
- One Thousand Eyed Lokeshvara
- Rahula (Protector)
- Shri Devi
- Simhamukha (Bodong)
- Others...

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Deities with eyes on the hands and sometimes the soles of the feet are very few. White Tara has seven eyes (in some traditions). She has three on the face, two on the palms of the hands and two on the soles of the feet. The Eleven Faced Thousand Armed Lokeshvara has an eye on the palm of each hand.

There are several deities with an abundance of eyes adorning the body. They are Simhamukha, Dorje Drolo, Rahula and the god Indra. along with these well known figures there are secondary, retinue and attendant deities to the worldly protectors that can also have eyes covering the body.

Eye Cleansing Lokeshvara, a very popular form of Avalokiteshvara in Mongolia, is holding an eye or a symbol of an eye.

Universal deities with multiple heads up to a thousand will also have the corresponding number of eyes. Under this category there are quite a few deities.

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